William E. Curry

William E. Curry Is A Fitness Guru

William E. Curry
William E. Curry’s expert help and advice on fitness have coaxed new life into many out-of-shape and unhealthy bodies. His passion for health and fitness grew out of his own personal experiences as a young man. The many extra pounds he had carried on his own body had dampened his desire to achieve his own personal goals. In a moment of sudden insight, William E. Curry decided to become healthy; that decision forever changed his life and his path. He exercised regularly and learned how to eat responsibly. With a new body, armed with health, fitness knowledge, and greater mental accuity because of a better attitude, he excelled in sports and academics. He decided to make health and physical fitness his career and his business.

Feeling well and doing well, his concept of health and fitness evolved. He became passionate about helping others with their own health and physical fitness. William E. Curry has worked as a health coach, a fitness expert, a celebrity trainer, and as a martial artist. He attained a degree in communications to become an effective communicator. William E. Curry is a sought after public speaker because he is empathetic to those who are at the beginning of their own journey to obtain fitness and increased health. Curry has helped those who are already doing well in their fitness program improve by showing them how to increase their emotional and mental fitness skills.

Whether on a live stage or through recordings, he has a knack for inspiring, motivating, and moving individuals to action. His ability to understand the pitfalls common to the chronically overweight individual helps Curry assist the chronically overweight individual make lifestyle changes that are permanent. William E. Curry knows the stumbling blocks faced when trying to lose weight and he knows how to deal with them in a sympathetic manner. Nothing gives him greater satisfaction than the success of his students. As an author and a speaker, his communications skills have set him apart from other fitness experts in the industry. He has helped his students achieve positive behavior changes and reach their weight loss and health goals safely. For the last forty years William E. Curry has contributed to his student’s knowledge on nutrition and strength training, while increasing their self-esteem and happiness.

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